Children signing 'monkey' and 'more'

About the Instructor

JESSICA KELLY, Owner and Instructor

Jessica Kelly

Jessica has been using American Sign Language since 1992. She did her Bachelor’s practicum at Maryland School for the Deaf in the Speech and Language Department and she has worked at a summer camp for the Deaf/Hard of Hearing. Jessica worked as the director of a non-profit organization called Handicapped Encounter Christ (HEC). HEC offers social & spiritual support to adults with physical disabilities in the NC Triangle area.

Jessica was also a nanny and taught ASL to the little girl with whom she worked. Between the ages of 7 months and 18 months the child developed a comprehensive signing vocabulary of 100+ words and an expressive signing vocabulary of 50+ words.

Currently Jessica is a Child Development Specialist offering community based rehabilitation services in the Raleigh and Cary areas through Capitol City Speech Therapy as well as the owner of and instructor for Signs of Learning.

Jessica is certified through the Sign2Me Presenter's Network.

Most importantly, Jessica’s pride and joy is her family, daughter Sophia, born in March 2009 and Serena, born in August 2012 and amazing husband Dan. Sophia signed milk at 5 months and each month added a few more signs. By one year she could sign over 100 words and by two years could sign over 250 words. She rarely gets frustrated because of a lack of communication like many kids and her language skills are incredible. Jessica could brag about her all day! Just know that Jess is a proud mama!

Jessica Kelly
Sign2Me Presenters' Network - Level 1 Certified


I have a passion for interacting with people. I am dedicated to lifting up the dignity of all people and energizing them to reach their maximum potential. I believe that this program will empower children to express their needs and feelings. This communication will open a channel for a deeper connection to their parents, educators, and caregivers. By integrating ASL into daily routines relationships between adult and child can be strengthened and frustration can be significantly reduced.

A basic understanding of ASL will increase children’s social awareness of different methods of communication. It will also open children up to communicating with Deaf people with whom they come in contact. I am dedicated to respecting Deaf culture and will be sure to express that respect in my classroom. I am very excited to share this wonderful opportunity with you and your loved ones!

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Loyola College in Maryland
Bachelor of Arts Degree
Speech-Language Pathology / Audiology

Chestnut Hill College - Graduate Division
Master of Arts Degree
Holistic Spirituality

Additional Courses in American Sign Language:
Montgomery County Community College
Gallaudet University
Wake Technical Community College