Children signing 'monkey' and 'more'

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Maria - Parent & Signs of Learning Student

I wanted to share my experience with you that I had with Drew on our way to VA last month. It was just Drew and I driving (a long 4 hours) and we had the Pick Me Up CD which he just loves. As I was driving the song Pick me up came on. I looked in the rearview mirror and low and behold, Drew proceed to sign most of the signs in the song Up, More, Daddy, Eat. As I was I watching him, I started to cry and ran off the road (well just onto the shoulder). We were fine but I could not help but laugh now. Thank you so much for a great class. We continue to use the signs especially during dinner time. We listen to the CD each morning for breakfast. I forwarded your website to my Mocha Moms group. I hope you hear from a few moms!

Rebecca - Parent & Signs of Learning Student

I just wanted to give you a personal note regarding this as well. I've now been in a couple other 'classes' and am disappointed because yours was so amazing!!! Your knowledge of children and what to 'expect' of the age group is fantastic and so appreciated. Thanks!

Betsy - Parent & Signs of Learning Student

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!! Danny now doesn't throw tantrums on the changing table - he starts to fuss and I say "Do you know what we're doing" and he smiles and signs diaper change '-) Well, change, but that's diaper change for us. He grins and then we sing songs while changing. It has totally changed that experience!! It is really sweet.

Well, today during breakfast he was a little fussy and I asked him what he wanted and told him to use his signs. I was asking more drink? more crackers? more blueberries? and not getting a clear response. He then put his hands together and signed "change." Dumb, sleep-deprived me, I thought, "darn, he is signing change in his highchair, I thought he knew that one; guess we'll have to work on that one. Oh well, it takes time." Can you guess? Yep, when we were done with breakfast I picked him up and YIKES! he stank! Guess he know the sign after all - it is mommy that needed the lightbulb moment! Thanks so much for all you taught us!

Boy signing.

Jodie - Parent & Signs of Learning Student

Signing has helped me connect with my daughter, Easton, and has helped her develop a sense of independence. It also gave me another excuse to sing a song and be silly with her! Easton and I started a class when she was about 6 months old and we looked forward to our class each week. Jess always has great toys and music. She tailored the classes to meet our needs. She didn't just teach us signs and songs. She taught us how to use them in our daily lives, about how our children learn language and about the deaf community. Jess shared her stories and encouraged us to share ours. Now, Easton signs and say things together but there is nothing like the first time that she signed back. I'm so glad I took the class!

Nicky – Parent & Signs of Learning Student

My Joshua (15 mo now) is all grown up now and he is using his signs, I am a working mom so my time is limited. But so far he knows MORE, ALL DONE, PLEASE, THANK YOU, WATER, MILK, EAT, APPLE, SORRY and sometimes WAIT. I am so proud of him and we give lots of praise. He is talking too, but the words he speaks are not the words he signs and vice versa, I am so blessed to have learned how to expand his vocabulary this way. I plan on choosing a new word a week and trying to get him to catch on to that sign. For now I am just happy he can tell me things he can’t quite pronounce. I am so grateful for your class, can't wait to take more. I still know my alphabet and the songs you taught me. Thanks!

Heather - Parent & Signs of Learning Student

We are actually doing really well with signing. It seems like over the past 2 weeks Brady is really catching on and understands that he can get what he wants if he signs. His signs are funny.....not quite what I do, but I get them! I love that we can communicate! It makes life so much easier. Thanks for all your help in learning!

Edie - Occupational Therapist, Parent & Signs of Learning Student

I just want to say again how much I appreciated your workshop (ASL for Young Children). I feel I can immediately apply it to my work. Also, I have been enjoying sharing the signs I learned with my 6 year old son and 3 year old daughter!!

Various comments from Early Intervention Specialists (OT, PT, SLP, nurses, etc.) at AHEC Conferences

"I have taken a lot of hospital classes and this is he best class I ever took. I learned more in two mornings from Jessica than I have learned in a long time. Jessica is very dynamic and refreshing instructor that keeps interest in the subject matter and really knows how to teach. Excellent class!"

"This is the most entertaining informative and functional workshop I've attended this year!"

"Jessica was very entertaining and knowledgeable. This program far exceeded my expectations. I am amazed at how easy this was to learn."

"One of the best educational programs I have attended! Jessica was awesome! I learned a lot and had a terrific time!"

Kelli Goble - Parent

My daughter had severe earaches, but the doctor said her ears were fine. I insisted that she was signing PAIN by her right ear. He thought I was nuts, but ran some further tests...and found that 90% of her inner ear was full of fluid, causing a 35% hearing loss! Without her ability to sign to us, the specialist said we would not have known about the fluid in her ears.

MaryJo Dostal - Director, Union Bay Children's Center

Based on our experiences of introducing ASL to hearing infants, toddlers, and preschoolers over the last five years, we have found ASL to be an incredible bridge between receptive language and verbal language. It is a wonderful tool for children learning English as a second language and for introducing a second spoken language. We have also found ASL to be an effective connection for children moving through infant, toddler, and preschool groupings. By having the consistency of ASL throughout our entire program, the children and staff can easily communicate through recognized signs.

Alice Stroutsos - Speech-Language Pathologist

By giving a child a sign or symbol, it enhances their ability to communicate and develop intellectually, and I think the other thing it does is it really helps the child-parent bond. They're both invested in the situation, they're both attending, they're both connected.

Dr. Martha Bullock Lamberts - Human Development Specialist

This is a time when the brain is growing very, very rapidly. It is too precious a time to waste. That's what I like about the idea of signing very young. We know from research and observation that the first major way children learn is kinesthetically, through movement, through touch, through experience. I think [SIGN with your BABY] is particularly good because signing is that kind of learning process.